Our two main designated work and travel sponsors, A Cultural Exchange Service, Inc. (ACES) and Life Adventures, Inc. offer a wide range of full placement and self-placement options in a variety of U.S. locations.  Positions are generally entry level requiring basic skills. There are two main categories of these general skills positions: summer camp support staff and general employment.

Summer Camp Support Staff: Summer camps offer a unique opportunity for summer work travel participants.  They can accept positions in the office, kitchen, laundry, dining hall, and maintenance.  Contracts average between 9 and 12 weeks.  Housing and meals are provided through the entire program so there are virtually no living expenses and salaries are a set amount for a 9-week period so students can plan for their post-program travels. There are few exceptions in states where minimum wage is required.  The CampStaffUSA site is great for students to connect with US summer camp employers.

General Employment: Non-camp related employment is also an option with full placement positions as hotel staff, restaurant staff, local beach shop attendants and more. Positions pay at least minimum wage or better.

The Summer Work Travel program permits foreign nationals who are currently post secondary students over the age of 18, the opportunity to live and work in the US during their university’s summer break.  Both ACES and Life Adventures, Inc. work with many US employers who welcome international student employees.

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