For international students who are ready to handle the transition, studying in the US is a safe, cultivating way to help ensure they are academically and socially prepared to pursue a U.S. College/University degree. 

The F1 Private High School program offers several benefits to its participating students:

  • English Language Exposure – Dedicated English as a Second Language (ELS) support
  • Pre-College Navigation – Dedicated guidance counselors focused on pre-college enrollment
  • College Readiness – Private College preparatory schools
  • Social Acculturation – Cultural immersion into U.S. College Preparatory schools focused on academics, extra-curricular activities and leadership development

Global Education Connection, LLC (“GEC”) has established close partnerships with some of the most respected and coveted private high schools in the US who offer high academic standards with a focus on college preparation while also equally promoting student growth and cultural exchange through participation in sports, fine arts, student government and all of the aspects that are inherent in a U.S school environment.  GEC’s unique screening process takes into consideration the school’s program, location and population as well as the student’s objectives, long term goals and dreams to ensure a strong fit between the school and student.  Eligible students can graduate with a US diploma and receive assistance in applying to US Colleges & Universities.